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If you are interested in becoming a real estate agent, please read on.

Below are some resources to help you become an agent. Research all the three steps below and that will get you started.

Step 1# – Real Estate School – First you have to take 60 hours of Hawaii Salesperson education. There are local schools in your area or online school. We recommend The CE Shop because you can take the schooling anytime, the format makes learning easier than other schools, and they typically have online promotions to take advantage. Click Here

Step 2# – DCCA Real Estate Branch – Real Estate Licensing & Education – Here you will learn about what is required to get a real estate license and what is required. Once school is completed you will be required to take two real estate tests. One for state and one for national. The requirements are outlined on the website here. Click here

Step 3# – Pre-broker Research – While your studying to become an agent, take the time to interview with other brokerages. This is one of the most important steps because this is where you will be working. Interview different brokerage companies and see what each has to offer. Some brokerages offer great training and some offer no training. Some offer good commission breakdowns and some offer splits you won’t like but with more creative opportunities. Each organization has something different to offer but mainly they all work the same way in their structure.

How to become a Bizwala agent:

We always recommend you interview as many agencies as you can. This way you can compare the agencies. We are a small start-up and have a hand selected group of independent unique agents. Some new agents see the growth opportunity and that appeals to them, but for others we might not be the right fit.

What is our Cool-Aid: Working with us is literally working for a start-up. We are making it up as we go. This can be exciting, nerve racking and wondrous. We are looking for good agents that want to drink the cool-aid and share the cool-aid. We don’t know what the right mix is, because we are making up the recipe as we go along. We have two fundamental ideas:

Awesome People + Awesome Marketing + Awesome Technology = Awesome Customer Service

If you are reading this far you are intrigued, so please give us a chance to interview each other. For those who do pay attention we gave you 4 fundamental ideas not two.

How to become an agent with Bizwala.

Step #1 – Check out our offerings

Step #2 – Schedule a interview with the broker

Step #3 – On Boarding – Once you pass the test and ready to work we give you the tools for success.

  Commission Splits Support & Training Coaching Marking Support Escrow Services Leads Virtual Desk Fees Production Minimum
Team Member Plan 60/40 $1,000,000
Midway Plan 70/30 10% $2,000,000
Solo Agent Plan 80/20 20% $4,000,000

Team Member Plan

**This plan is for the agent who is a newbie and for seasoned agents who want to be part of a team environment.
**Third party leads or referrals (i.e. other brokerages or referral portals) are still at 25%.

Midway Plan

**This plan is designed for the agent who wants to be part of a team but also venture into doing more on their own.
**Third party leads or referrals (i.e. other brokerages or referral portals) are still at 25%

Solo Plan

**This plan is designed for the agent who wants to do their own thing and not be part of a team and doesn’t need brokerage related support.
**Third party leads or referrals (i.e. other brokerages or referral portals) are still at 25%

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