This page is frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Q.  Am I able to get insurance right now?

A.  If you are purchasing a new home and the prior owners had insurance, there will NOT be a waiting period (proof of policy would need to be needed). Right now the only carrier writing in lava zone 2 in the Puna District is the state carrier. If no coverage in place, then there will be a waiting period of 6 months for the policy to take effect, once the submission is received by the carrier and approved. Even homes in lava zone 1 can be insured, but with the same rules as above, if no insurance prior, 6 month waiting period.

Q. How many buildings can I have on agricultural land?

A. On agricultural zoned land, you are allowed 1 residence and AFTER you have a legal permitted residence, you may build as many farm buildings you need and those buildings under 600 sq.ft. do NOT need a building permit, and they must have NO PLUMBING OR ELECTRICITY.

You can permit more farm dwellings, (with plumbing and electricity) but there must be no stove/oven in them or they become a residence which is illegal.

Also Hawaii county code states the list of ALL THINGS ALLOWED on AG ZONED LAND, and “CAMPING” (overnight stay) Is NOT ON THE LIST… without a residence. THUS ANY overnight staying on ag zoned land, without a finalized residence, is against county code and illegal. This includes a TINY HOME, MOBILE HOME, SHED, TARP, TENT. ETC…

What’s that smell? – The Hawaii county HEALTH DEPARTMENT does not want defecating anywhere but a LEGAL CESSPOOL OR SEPTIC, OR COMPOSTING TOILET OF THEIR CHOICE and Have been known to red flag , and shut down your stay on your privately owned land.

Q. Can a Canadian get a mortgage through a US bank for property in Hawaii?

A. If you have a US Social Security number and US credit history yes but chances are if you don’t you will have to connect with a Canadian lender.

Q. What is the average electrical bill?

A. Average Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) rates are anywhere from 30 cents kWh  to 45 cents kWh a A typical household that uses around 600 kilowatt hours per month can expect to pay about $180-$270 each month for electricity.

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